Jul 10, 2015

NX 10 - What's New in CAD: Part 2

Discover what else is new in NX 10 CAD! Learn about features to help with productivity including assemblies, drafting and a new tool called NX layout.  


  1. need an ugnx usage video about timestamp order usage and wavelink geometry command perfectly

  2. Prasad - Thanks for reaching out to us! Brandon presented an additional Lunch Bytes NX CAD - Designing in the Context of the Assembly where he referenced WAVE.
    Click on http://bit.ly/1WWhvBe to view.
    We will keep WAVE in mind for our future Lunch Bytes topics.

  3. please get me usage of time stamp order

    also how can i insert part family details in drafting environment

  4. Prasad - Timestamp order is the default when working in History Mode. Timestamp just means the order of your part history. In history based CAD systems this is just your features in the order of creation with regard to your Parent/Child relationships. If you are running History Mode and toggle off “Timestamp” the features are listed per body in the Part Navigator. The behind the scenes is still a History based approach to modeling.

    If you create a Part Family (Family of Parts) from a master file/template, you will generate/save the members. Once those members are created, those are the details that can be placed in drawings. This will use a master model technique since the member file is read only. In other words, create a drawing prt file of the member prt file. If a change is to be made on the family/child member, update the parameter in the Part Family spreadsheet of the master template and Update the family/child member. Then the corresponding drawing file can be updated.