Oct 16, 2011

NX 8 Overview

Introducting NX 8 from Siemens PLM Software.

NX 8 CAM for Manufacturing Productivity

NX CAM redefines manufacturing productivity with a full range of NC programming capabilities optimized for machinery parts. Advanced programming capabilities that are necessary for machinery parts are available with milling, drilling, turning, mill-turn and wire EDM applications. And with NX 8, new processors provide the most efficient approach for programming prismatic features like holes, slots and pockets. The milling, turning and mill-turn functions are enhanced with stocksensitive tracking of the in-process work piece to make machinery part programming fast and simple.

Introducing NX8 for Simulation Productivity

NX 8 for simulation productivity Drastically reduce the time you spend preparing and solving analysis models by up to 70 percent. Siemens has strengthened and expanded upon the technologies from its long simulation legacy and has brought them together to form NX CAE, a modern and integrated high-end analysis environment, and NX Nastran, a premium finite element solver. NX 8 introduces over 200 new capabilities to both NX CAE and NX Nastran that enable you to rapidly build, update and simulate analysis models, make smarter engineering decisions and deliver better products faster.

Sep 19, 2011

NX 8 CAE Highlights

Video highlights of the extensive engineering simulation enhancements in Siemens PLM Software's NX CAE solution.