This Lunch Byte explores what Realize Shape is and how you can use the tools within it. Specifically, it will cover:

  • What is Realize Shape?
  • Toolbar/environment
  • Preferences
  • Create basic shape
  • Symmetric modeling
  • Modify shape
  • Edit subdivision body feature
  • Import subdivision geometry - Wavefront ASCII (.obj)

This edition of NX Lunch Bytes will discuss customization options in your NX CAM sofware including the tool library, user interface, roles, shortcut keys and post processor list.  

Discover what else is new in NX 10 CAD! Learn about features to help with productivity including assemblies, drafting and a new tool called NX layout.  

This session of Lunch Bytes focuses on repair work in NX CAM. Chad will discuss different options to address design changes, reconditioning parts, adjusting part dimensions or re-cutting damaged areas of a part.  

Teamcenter can help you manage any CAD data across all domains, easily locate and reuse design data along with digitizing, optimizing and standardizing your release processes.  

Discover what's new in NX 10 CAD! Learn about features to help you with productivity along with fundamental items you can use every day.

Learn what's new in NX 10 CAM. We will discuss a wide range of features including 3 and 5 axis milling enhancements, tool path display and improvements for prismatic parts.

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