Jul 27, 2012

NX CAM: How Synchronous Technology can help design patterns

Learn how Synchronous Technology can accelerate your pattern development by using it to: + Clean-up translated part geometry + Develop cores from cavities + Add core prints + Maintain associativity to the design model

Jul 16, 2012

NX CAM: Customizing posts with Post Builder

Learn how to edit postprocessors in NX CAM using the graphical Post Builder user interface: +Modify the order of code output +Add a custom command to address special situations +Use User-Defined Events (UDEs) to allow NC programmers control over posted output +Add additional file information to posted output that CLS-bound postprocessors cannot access

Jul 11, 2012

NX CAM: How to control tool paths using Generic Motion

Learn how to get the tool paths you want and take direct control of your tool's motion (machines with 5 axes of freedom or less) by using Generic Motion: + On-screen graphical interaction (dynamic handles) to define tool position and orientation + Build tool paths from a selection of linear, circular, and rotary motion elemenets + Maintain associativity for tool path updates + Support for milling and drilling tools