Nov 5, 2012

NX (Unigraphics) Drawing Templates Tutorial

Welcome to another edition of the Ally PLM Lunch Bytes series. Our topic we cover in this edition is Drawing Templates in NX 8. Email us at: with any questions.


  1. Nice tutorial. Just a question, can I create some kind of "part template" in order to define the part parameters and then link them with the drafting template? It would be nice if you don't have to select which parameters to import in the drawing every time.

  2. nice info

    tutorial unigraphics NX7

  3. Can I download this Video. Its really a help full tutorial.

  4. Siemens NX

  5. Hi Team,

    how can i insert a autocad template in nx for drafting.

  6. Hello Thouseef,
    You can't use an autocad file inside of NX for drafting. However, you could use a dxf file of the autocad template and edit it with text inside of NX.

    Kyle Bentley
    Application Engineer